Animus Visualizer

Animus is a free interactive 3D music visualizer app for Mac that allows the user to manipulate and control the visualization in real time. The app was programmed by Cody Gibb and I using the programming language processing. The source code is available on github and the Mac application is available for free to download on the website. Animus uses input from the computer's microphone, analyzes that audio and produces a real time 3D visualization of the audio using FFT analysis that the user can interact with. Animus was built out of a love for programming and exploring the intersection of Computer Science and Design.

"Given a blank canvas how would you represent sound in 3D?"

There are 3 different visualizations the user can choose from:

Vortex: rotates individual segments in the golden ratio that each display the audio.

Terrain: displays the audio over time creating a landscape.

Droplet: represents the audio using exponential decay.

Vortex with all settings on default
Droplet in Particle Mode
Terrain with all settings on default

Latest Work