Torin is a freelance creative technologist, real-time graphics artist, and educator focused on creating restorative mixed-reality installations, interactive experiences, and open-source creative tools. His work explores emerging techniques in real-time graphics pulling inspiration from systems and patterns of emergent behavior in nature.

He's currently the Associate Director of Technology at Studio Elsewhere. His work involves creating large-scale interactive and immersive environments for medical professionals to alleviate stress, for patients in clinical studies aiding in neuroscience research on brain recovery, and for children during their visits to medical centers to improve their rehabilitation process.

Torin has been an adjunct professor at the Parsons School of Design for the past 3 years teaching the MFA and BFA programs. His classes include Advanced Creative Coding, Foundations of TouchDesigner, Advanced Interactive and Immersive Environments with TouchDesigner, and Adaptive / Assistive Technology.

Torin was a part of NEW INC year 6, the Google Creative Lab 5 program, and the ITP/IMA Project Fellowship. Previous clients include Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Nobel Foundation, Google Creative Lab, Lab at Rockwell Group, Leo Villareal, Vice, Adobe, and Microsoft.


SIGGRAPH ASIA, 2023: Shader Park
TouchDesigner InSession,

Music HackSpace,
TouchDesigner Meetup (shaders)
LiveCodeNYC (performance),
Berkley NYC - LiveExperience Design,
Parsons MFA Shaders Course,
Parsons BFA WebXR Course,
Algorithmic Art Assembly(Scheduled March 10th 2022).